British Wild Boar Association

British Wild Boar Association

This is exactly what it says on the tin –  the Association of Wild Boar farmers and processors, acting corporately to promote this healthy meat, and encourage farming and stocking.


Wild Boar are dangerous, but they produce wonderfully lean meat, with a richness that intrigues. The objective was two fold – promote consumer purchase of the rare meat, while also encouraging UK farmers to consider Wild Boar farming.


Essentially a media PR programme, talking about wild boar always brought up concerns of escapees, and small ‘sounder’ herds already established in the wild.  In reality, the programme centred upon explanation, recipes, recommendation of existing breeders, pictures, and interviews on what is an unusual subject. Wild Boar are shy, so field visits don’t always work – but knowing that in their natural state their escape route is through you, tends to concentrate the mind ….   A classic editorial PR programme.


This group programme worked well, raising interest in an unusual category. Yes, wild boar are dangerous, but having the knowledge and experience meant that those interested could be supplied with a handbook on all aspects of husbandry. And the story was self perpetuating as there is always talk of a sighting of a loose wild boar somewhere ….

Client:British Wild Boar Association
Date: November 26, 2012