General Foods

Maxwell House

General Foods

The Coffee and Desserts Giant which subsequently became part of Kraft General Foods now known as Kraft Foods.


To raise the profile of the beverage and dessert products from the Banbury plant, and to bring new and innovative projects and energy to the aggressive marketplace.


At the peak of red hot product marketing, H&D’s active programme excited this sector of the category and impacted upon distribution and sales. Bird’s and Angel Delight brands gained a larger share of voice, and Maxwell House and other brand coffees received major lifts. As a sector within this programme, part of the objective was to increase Maxwell House presence north of the border. Here H&D planned a then innovative ‘Give It A Go’ initiative, where a series of major events involving many thousands of people were held across Scotland. Entry was by labels from Maxwell House jars. The shelves were stripped!


These were exciting times where H&D’s consultancy team were really at the coal face. Yes, activities impacted on volumes, but the principal need was to level the playing field with competing brands. This was achieved with a considerable increase in share of voice, and overall awareness.

Client:General Foods
Date: November 26, 2012