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Born of the need for local employment in a Jamaica village of the same name, Walkerswood took unique Jamaican spices and cooking ingredients, cooked and blended them, and made them into internationally popular seasonings and sauces.

The company famously brought ‘Jerk’ seasoning to the World. A taste that encapsulates the flavour of the island, Jerk seasoning was a totally new adventure for international palates. The millions who have visited this tropical paradise were at last able to replicate this exceptional flavour at home in their own kitchens. Jamaican restaurants and jerk bars also sprung up in capital cities and a whole new culinary era was born.

H&D worked to create understanding of this culinary adventure, and in tandem with a number of other Jamaica organisations, promoted Walkerswood as an international flag waver for the island and as a producer of excellence creating a totally new taste and flavour experience.

Walkerswood created a grocery and culinary category that has spawned a new foodstuff market.

Date: November 26, 2012